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24x7 IT Support

IT support, short for Information Technology support, is a service provided by IT professionals or teams to assist individuals or organizations with their information technology needs. The primary purpose of IT support is to ensure that computer systems, networks, hardware, and software are functioning effectively and to address any technical issues or problems that may arise.

AWS DevOps

AWS DevOps AWS (Amazon Web Services) Support is a service offered by AB Devops that provides technical assistance, resources, and expertise to customers using AWS cloud services. AWS Support is designed to help organizations, ranging from startups to large enterprises, effectively manage and optimize their infrastructure and applications running on the AWS platform

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a set of development tools and services provided by Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to support software development and project management. Azure DevOps encompasses various aspects of the software development lifecycle and offers tools for planning, developing, testing, delivering, and monitoring software applications

Oracle Exadata

Oracle Exadata is a family of high-performance, highly available database appliances and cloud services designed for running Oracle Database workloads. Exadata is a collaborative product developed by Oracle in partnership with Intel. It is engineered to deliver optimal performance, scalability, and reliability for organizations running mission-critical database applications.e.​


Grafana is an open-source platform for monitoring and observability. It is widely used in the IT industry to visualize and analyze metrics, logs, and traces from various data sources, making it an essential tool for gaining insights into the performance and health of systems and applications. Grafana is highly extensible and supports integration with a wide range of data sources and visualization options.

IT Service Management Tools help us to be on track ...

Jira is a popular project and issue tracking software developed by Atlassian. It is widely used for managing and tracking software development projects, as well as a variety of other types of projects and workflows. Proper Jira management is crucial for ensuring that the tool is effectively used to plan, track, and manage projects, issues, and tasks.

We Provides AWS/Azure DevOps, Oracle Support, Data Center Solutions, Grafana Services 24x7

AWS/Azure DevOps: This service likely involves helping businesses with the implementation and management of their cloud infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. DevOps practices focus on automating and streamlining software development and deployment processes.

Oracle Exadata Support: Oracle is a popular database management system and software solution. Oracle support services typically include database administration, performance tuning, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance to ensure the stability and efficiency of Oracle-based systems.

Data Center Solutions: Data center solutions encompass a wide range of services related to the design, setup, and management of data centers. This can include server deployment, network configuration, storage solutions, and security measures to ensure that data center operations run smoothly.

Grafana Services: Grafana is a popular open-source platform used for monitoring and observability. Grafana services may involve setting up and customizing Grafana dashboards, data visualization, and integration with various data sources to monitor and analyze the performance of IT systems.

Jira Management

Jira is a popular project and issue tracking software developed by Atlassian. It is widely used by software development and IT teams to manage and track projects, tasks, and issues throughout the development and project management process. Jira provides a flexible and customizable platform for managing work, workflows, and team collaboration.

Data Center Solutions

A data center solution refers to a comprehensive set of products, services, and technologies designed to support the efficient and reliable operation of data centers. Data centers are critical facilities that house and manage an organization's computing, networking, and storage infrastructure.

Friendly Price Package

When seeking low pricing for products or services, it's important to balance cost savings with the quality and value you receive

Friendly IT Service Package

“Friendly IT Service Package” typically refers to a set of information technology (IT) services that are designed and delivered with a focus on being approachable, helpful, and user-friendly. These packages are often offered by IT service providers, managed service providers (MSPs), or IT departments within organizations to support the technology needs of businesses or individuals. The aim is to provide IT services in a manner that is easy to understand, efficient, and customer-centric.

Monthly IT Support Package

A "Monthly IT Support Package" is a service offering provided by IT service providers or managed service providers (MSPs) that involves ongoing, regular support and maintenance for an organization's information technology systems. These packages are typically billed on a monthly basis and are designed to ensure that an organization's IT infrastructure remains functional, secure, and up-to-date

Hourly Package

An "Hourly IT Service Package" is a type of IT service offering where IT professionals or service providers bill their clients based on the number of hours worked on specific tasks or projects. This approach allows clients to pay for IT services on an as-needed basis, only for the actual time and work required. Hourly IT service packages are commonly used for projects or support that don't require ongoing,.